Swarm Systems Ltd (SSL) is an exciting new company focused on providing swarms of Micro Air Vehicles.

A swarm of eight "quadrotor" vehicles

Our MAVs are called Owls. A Swarm of Owls are used to rapidly reconnoitre an area. A Swarm approach, when compared to an individual approach, brings the benefits of emergent behaviour, in particular robustness to unforeseen events.

13 Nov 2008: Swarm Systems receives MOD contract for an 'Autonomous Hovering MAV Swarm' (see press release)
19 Aug 2008: Swarm Systems won the 'Most Innovative Idea' award at Grand Challenge in Aug 2008. (see press release)

Swarm Systems accepting the Grand Challenge award for 'Most Innovative Idea'

Tel: ( (+44) (0) 20 7193 8969